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our mission and purpose

The Kosove Society is founded on three pillars: 

Academic excellence

Demonstrated leadership

A strong commitment to civic and community engagement. 

The members of the Kosove Society are committed to bettering our world through community service. Through helping others we embody the mission of the Kosove Society. Monthly community engagements are central to the Society's activities. The Society serves the University campus, the local Tampa Bay area and the global community.

Scholarship recipients demonstrate leadership within the Society and on the University campus. Each member has the ability to take on an active role within the Society as an officer or committee leader. Through Kosove funding students are able to participate in academic conferences, education abroad experiences, and other opportunities in which they can demonstrate leadership on the national and international levels.

Each Kosove Society member is dedicated to academic excellence. Members span a range of academic disciplines, yet all represent similar standards of academic caliber. Students are motivated, interested in learning, and have a demonstrated commitment to leadership. service and academic excellence.


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