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Diversity and Inclusion Committee: About

The Kosove Society Diversity & Inclusion Committee was created on August 28, 2020 during the Annual Alumni Kosove Retreat:


A motion to establish a Kosove Alumni Society Diversity and Inclusion Committee, whose membership would be voluntary. The committee is to determine its own purposes and programs. The Committee is to schedule its own meetings, set its own agendas, and establish its own subcommittees for the purpose of ensuring that the Kosove Alumni Society maintains and advances diversity and inclusion within the organization, and honors the different and intersectional identities of our members, including among others race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and ability. The Committee is to offer support to our diverse members internally and provide for external advocacy. The Committee is to annually elect a chairperson who is to serve as a voting, ex-officio member of the Kosove Alumni Society’s Board of Directors. The Committee is also to annually elect a representative to serve on the Scholarship Selection Committee, in either a voting or non-voting capacity, as approved by the Donor’s Representative and the University.


2020-2021 Diversity & Inclusion Committee President: Anna McDaniel-Wyatt


2020-2021 Committee Meeting Dates

  • October 25, 2020

  • November 28, 2020

  • December 5, 2020

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