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kosove Professorship 

As part of the Kosove endowment, Harri and Ruth designated funds to create a professorship to recognize USF professors whose careers have brought them national distinction in teaching and service.


In 2010, the Kosove society and the Kosove alumni began the initial stages of bringing this professorship to fruition. The alumni board spent many months drafting the award criteria and an application. Furthermore, the board decided to create two awards; one to recognize undergraduate teaching and one to recognize graduate teaching. Next, the board needed to find a permanent home for the two awards, a USF governing body who was capable of soliciting applications, screening nominees, and ultimately nominating a recipient to be approved by the USF Provost’s office on a permanent basis. A Kosove alumnus and board member, Heather Agazzi, serves as a USF Faculty Senator representing the College of Medicine. She introduced the idea of the Kosove Professorship to the Faculty Senate, Senate Executive Committee as a potential award for their Honors and Awards Council (HAC) to administer. In the spring of 2012, the HAC unanimously approved to award the Kosove Professorship alongside other prestigious professorships administered through this governing body. The HAC worked collaboratively with the Kosove Society to finalize the award criteria and application, and in May 2013 the first two professorships were named.

2018 Outstanding Professorship Awards

 Kosove Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching and Service Award

 Department of Cell Biology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology


Dr. El-Rady was one of the first faculty users of clicker technology at USF. He has been a Faculty Fellow for Housing and Residential Services for more than a decade, and has served as a Commencement Marshall since 2005. He has been a member of several committees convened by the Florida Department of Education, including the statewide science assessment committee, which he has proudly served since its inception in 2001. He has chaired two education sessions for the Southeastern Branch of the American Society of Microbiology. He has also served for eight years as National Judge for the Christopher Columbus Awards (a STEM competition for middle-school students). In addition, Dr. El-Rady is a subject matter expert for various publishing companies and has written numerous ancillaries for college textbooks that are used worldwide. Many of the courses he teaches include a service component to the community. Students in his classes have made YouTube videos that have gone viral (or at least were about viruses) and have given presentations at Pizzo, Clark, and Sand Pine Elementary Schools and at the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Tampa.

Dr. Johnny El-Rady

Kosove Distinguished Graduate Teaching and Service Award

Dr. Pamela Hallock-Muller

College of Marine Science


Dr. Hallock Muller's research focuses on tropical marine ecosystems including the geologic history of reefs, modern coral reefs, micropaleontology and paleoecology. Her team's work has implications across the biogeological spectrum from cell biology and evolution to global environmental change and hydrocarbon exploration. Of her approximately 60 MSc and PhD graduates, about one third each are in academic careers, governmental agencies, and the private sector.
As a leading researcher in her field, Dr. Hallock Muller was elected as a Fellow of the Paleontological Society in 2012, was awarded the Cushman Award for Excellence in Foraminiferal Research in 2015, and she will receive the Moore Medal for Excellence in Paleontology in 2019. As a teacher and mentor, she received the Outstanding Educator Award from the Association for Women Geoscientists in 1999, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Minority Ph.D. Program’s Mentor of the Year Award in 2012, recognition as one of the Top 25 Women Professors in Florida in 2013, the USF College of Marine Science Graduate Mentor of the Year in 2014, and the USF Graduate Mentor of the Year in 2016. In 2018 Dr. Hallock Muller received the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award.