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kosove Professorship 

As part of the Kosove endowment, Harri and Ruth designated funds to create a professorship to recognize USF professors whose careers have brought them national distinction in teaching and service.


In 2010, the Kosove society and the Kosove alumni began the initial stages of bringing this professorship to fruition. The alumni board spent many months drafting the award criteria and an application. Furthermore, the board decided to create two awards; one to recognize undergraduate teaching and one to recognize graduate teaching. Next, the board needed to find a permanent home for the two awards, a USF governing body who was capable of soliciting applications, screening nominees, and ultimately nominating a recipient to be approved by the USF Provost’s office on a permanent basis. A Kosove alumnus and board member, Heather Agazzi, serves as a USF Faculty Senator representing the College of Medicine. She introduced the idea of the Kosove Professorship to the Faculty Senate, Senate Executive Committee as a potential award for their Honors and Awards Council (HAC) to administer. In the spring of 2012, the HAC unanimously approved to award the Kosove Professorship alongside other prestigious professorships administered through this governing body. The HAC worked collaboratively with the Kosove Society to finalize the award criteria and application, and in May 2013 the first two professorships were named.

2021 Outstanding Professorship Awards

 Kosove Distinguished Graduate Teaching and Service Award

Dr. Alsharif .jpg

Dr. Kamal Alsharif

 School of Geosciences 

Dr. Alsharif is an Associate Professor at the School of Geosciences. He is a water scholar interested in an interdisciplinary water resources policy and watershed management, sustainable domestic water policy, water scarcity and hydropolitics, urban water management, climate change/natural hazardous impact on water, and establishing environmental benchmarks. He taught many graduate and undergraduate courses since he started his career at USF. In the past he served in AmeriCorps for 2 years in southern Minnesota. Because he is dedicated to service in the community, he added Service-Learning component to his Environmental Management class so the students get to learn and at the same time conduct service in their community. He is an active member in the American Association of Geographers.

Kosove Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching and Service Award

Madrigal headshot 2.jpg

Dr. Lorena Madrigal

Department of Anthropology

USF has been Dr. Madrigal’s academic home for her entire career. In spring 2022, Dr. Madrigal will celebrate her 32nd year at USF.  She has been a devoted undergraduate teacher, involving her undergraduates in her research, bringing them to the national association meetings and publishing with them. Her most highly cited paper was the product of an undergraduate Senior-thesis (Madrigal and Kelly, 2007). Dr. Madrigal researches microevolution of living human populations using population genetics and demographic methods. She has done most of her fieldwork in her Native Costa Rica, with Afro and Indo-Costa Rican populations. She has also done research in Kerala, South India.

Madrigal served the American Association of Physical Anthropologists as a local host, a member of the Executive Committee, Vice-president and program director, President and past-President. She also served as the biological-anthropology executive board member in the American Anthropological Association.

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