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Kosove Society and Scholarship FAQs

Application Requirements and Eligibility

Q: Do you have any tips for completing the application?

A: Be honest in your application and proofread all of your writing. Don’t wait until the last minute to complete and submit your application, give people writing your letters of recommendation enough time to complete them, and make sure you submit a complete application (incomplete applications are not considered).

Q: What is the required student status to be eligible for the scholarship? 

A: Must be a full time student enrolled at any of the USF Campuses (but meetings occur on the Tampa Campus)

Q: How many people usually receive the scholarship each year?

A: The number of inducted scholars varies each year. For the 2020-2021 year, we inducted 3 new undergraduates and 1 graduate student. However, for the 2023-2024 year, we inducted 4 new undergraduates and 4 new graduate students.

Q: I was chosen for an interview-- Do you have any tips?

A: As with any interview, preparation helps a lot. There are many resources out there such as Interview Basics by USF’s Career Center. Also, don’t forget to be yourself!

Scholarship Questions

Q: What is the maximum payment/cost of attendance that the scholarship covers? 

A: The Kosove scholarship covers the cost of attendance for a student with in-state tuition. The Cost of Attendance is evaluated yearly by the State of Florida. This information is posted on the USF website and is the maximum amount of money that the Kosove Scholarship can pay for any student, regardless of actual costs. Actual costs may be more or less depending on cost of books, fees, and number of credit hours. 


Q: How does Kosove work with other scholarships? 

A: If you have received other scholarships, Kosove will wait to process your financial aid until the other scholarships have made a payment, then, any outstanding expenses will be covered by the Kosove Scholarship up to the Cost of Attendance. 


Q: How does the scholarship work for out-of-state students? 

A: Through the Kosove scholarship, an out of state student can receive money totaling the in-state estimated cost of attendance. The remaining difference in price is your responsibility to cover through personal funds, loans, additional scholarships, or other resources. If you are receiving additional scholarships through the university, the funds cannot exceed the out of state estimated cost of attendance. If the funds exceed this total, the excess will be deducted from your Kosove scholarship amount so that you do not receive a total greater than your cost of attendance. 


Q: Does the scholarship cover off-campus living expenses?

A: All Kosove Scholars can choose whether they want to live on or off campus. If you decide to live off-campus, you will be given a semester stipend equivalent to the sum of the “Room/ Board” and “Other Expenses” category on the USF’s Cost of Attendance website regardless of the actual cost for the student to live off campus. 


Q: Are there any expenses that Kosove will not cover?

A: Yes. Your parking decal, meal plan deferment charge, housing application fee, and any books or supplies not found at the USF bookstore will not be covered by the Kosove scholarship.

Scholar Responsibilities

Q: Will I have time to do other extracurriculars while being a Kosove scholar?

A: Yes! While it is expected that members prioritize Kosove, with good time management, they are able to participate in extracurricular activities such as student organizations, Greek life, and internships-- all while excelling in academics and participating in all Kosove events!


Q: What are the requirements for scholarship renewal?

A: Undergraduate Kosove Scholars:

  • Must successfully complete at least two semesters of full-time coursework during the academic year (excluding summers) to be renewed for the upcoming academic year (Full-time coursework is 12 credit hours).

  • Must maintain at least a 3.5 GPA each academic year.

  • Must participate in all mandatory meetings and events. 

A: Graduate Kosove Scholars:

  • Must successfully complete at least two semesters of full-time coursework during the academic year (excluding summers) to be renewed for the upcoming academic year (Full-time coursework is 9 credit hours)

  • Must maintain at least a 3.25 GPA each academic year.

  • Must participate in all mandatory meetings and events. 


Q: What is the time commitment to be in the Kosove Society / What does a typical year look like?

A: Undergraduate and graduate students are expected to participate in the Kosove Student Society. Again, it is very manageable with good time management and we usually have a great time together! Participation is a renewal requirement for ongoing funding and includes events such as:

  • Community service events (monthly)

  • Business Meetings (monthly)

  • Legacy Project events (depends on the project but usually once or twice a month)

  • Induction Ceremony (Fall)

  • Business Retreat (Spring)

  • Annual Retreat (Spring)


Q: When is the calendar decided?

A: The calendar is created the prior year during the Business Retreat and inductees receive it during the summertime (we will not provide calendars to applicants). We create and provide the calendar ahead of time to all of our members so that they can plan other activities, such as student organization events and work, with Kosove in mind.


Q: Are there leadership opportunities in the Kosove Society?

A: Yes! Since we are a relatively small group, every member has a chance to lead. Additionally, we vote for e-board officers every year and positions include President, VP of Community Service, VP of Legacy, Marketing Chair, Media Director, Secretary, and Historian.

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