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Kosove Society in the International Community

Panama, 2013

January 18-21


The Kosove Society went on a service learning trip to Panama. While visiting the country they had the unique opportunity to incorporate an international experience with community service in Panama City.

Members of The Kosove Society visited Nutre Hogar, an organization that works with malnourished children throughout Panama. They assisted in caring for the infants housed in the Nutritional Recovery Center and helped perform basic building maintenance on the site. Along the way, they were also able to visit many of country's cultural and historical landmarks including the Panama Canal, Casco Viejo (the old Spanish colonial city), and even an indigenous village of the Embera people. 

India, 2014

​January 6-13


In 2014, the Kosove Society had the opportunity to take a service learning trip to India. Six Kosove undergraduates and Dr. Kiki Caruson traveled to Maharashtra, India to participate in the 4th Indian Student Parliament and conduct survey research on the political attitudes of Indian youth. After surviving the Polar Vortex in New York City and an extended stay in New Jersey, the Kosove students interacted with Indian students, stayed on campus at the Maharashtra Institute of Technology, visited temples and other historical and cultural sites, and tried a host of new and exciting foods! Additionally, Andrew Schwartz and Lauren Richardson presented to an audience of over 10,000 people, including students, political leaders, and dignitaries, on the topics of 'Innovation in Education' and 'Consumption and Inequality,' respectively. Each student received a certificate for completing the course from MIT in Pune, India. The Kosoves greatly enjoyed this challenging cultural immersion and its focus on public service.

Peru, 2015

December 5-12


During the winter break of 2015, the Kosove Society spent the first week of their break travelling to Chaclacayo, Peru. While in Peru, they volunteered at El hogan San Francisco de Asis - a home for sick and destitute children. The home, run by Tampa native Dr. Lazzara, cares for upward of 50 children who come from very poor regions of the country, and who suffer from chronic medical conditions. The Kosove Society spent their days at the home taking the children to doctor appointments, maintaining the home, and assisting the children in their daily routines. Prior to their travels, the Kosove Society held a drive, acquiring hundreds of supplies to donate to the homes.

The scholars were transformed by this experience and have continued their efforts to help the home even after returning to the states. Recently, one of the children at the home suffered from a haemorrhage after one of his procedures, costing the home over $1,700 in emergency medical bills. The Kosove Society started an online fundraiser and received over $1,000 in donations. 

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